Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people. ~ David Sarnoff

Ok, I know this is turning into an exercise blog but I just have to let you guys in on a little something. There is nothing like the competitive edge to drive the body's engine.

The other day, I came to the gym, and there was this lithe and slender girl about my age on My Bike! Now, sure, I didn't pay for it, but I go to the gym around midnight, there are 6 other bikes sitting in a row, why does she have to pick mine? Anyway, I amble on to the bike beside her...which isn't bad, it's just not my bike!

I snooped on her stats and she had just started riding about a minute before I got there. Without further ado, I started the bike and decided right then and there that I wasn't going to get off the bike until she did! Yeah Vix, you can totally take her! encourages my mind.

Normally, I just hit about 20 minutes doing cardio and head over to the weights. We were doing the same level, the same everything so I figured in 20 minutes, her skinny self should have huffed away. Besides, you are in decent shape, you can open up a can of whup ass! You're from Nigeria...you come from good stock.

20 minutes later, she was still there! Grrrrr! What's a girl gonna do? I amped up my iPod and brazened on, thinking that surely in a few minutes more she would quit. Yeah, she is so going to quit. Look at her, sweating and breathing hard...won't be much longer now. You got this!

24....25....26, I watched the clock go by with trepidation. By this time, I'm the one wheezing, reorganizing my priorities and thinking it's not worth it if I die on the stationary bike in the quest of a 2 second ego boost. Remember...the heifer was on YOUR Bike, therefore you have to show her who's boss.

27....28....Damn, I'm sooo past myself at this point. My heart is thumping like a metronome and I'm sweating fiercely. But there is no way in hell I'm giving up before she did. Yeah...babe...you..er...*huff*...you....to--tally...got...*huff*...th-this!

29...30..., ok maybe dying in the quest of glory isn't such a good idea after all. How will I be able to look at my bike the same way again? I can't give up, I can't! But...*gasp*...if...you...don't gi--giive... up, ...*strangled breath through tortured lungs*...you...are...g-go-going...to...die! Oh...Now you think I'm going to die? Shut up you fucking traitor!

FINALLY! She stops the machine and starts her cooldown. I barely manage a smile between my gasping breaths. I just have to do one minute longer.

She left before I even finished my cooldown. But she didn't miss the smirk that I managed to give her as I dragged my achy bones off that bike. She smirked right back at me. See you next time, was the unspoken invitation.

I'll be here. And I'll kick your ass again, I silently vowed.


JaG said...

Around midnight?? People actually go to the gym around midnight??? I salute you girl. And more power to you for kicking that girl's ass!

NML said...

I can't believe you go to the gym at midnight either! Jaysus! I did laugh at your competitive spirit though!

Joycii said...

you are a fool. i cant believe that you almost killed yourself just to prove a point. What i would give to have had a camera and to see the look on your face (lol)