Friday, August 25, 2006

Why The F???

I'm doing better. Much much better. However, I don't have anything to talk about. So, taking a page from one of my ultra fab bloggettes, here is my very first, WTF Friday.
  1. Why the fuck are they doing a racist Survivor? Anything to get good ratings huh? Haven't we dealt with enough of this segregational bullshit all through the centuries to have to keep putting up with it on TV? I shouldn't take it that seriously....after all, it's only reality tv right? Scripted drama....grrrrrr!
  2. Why the fuck did Alias get cancelled? I miss it already....waaaaaaa, waaaaaaa!
  3. What the fuck happened to Blockbuster and their "No More Late Fees" campaign? I go there yesterday and find that I get to keep the videos for only 7 days, after that they CHARGE ME FOR THE WHOLE DVD! But if i bring it back in 30 days then I only get charged a $1.25 restocking fee. Anything to get money out of folks. In addition, they are trying to be like Netflix with the at home rentals. Fuckin' copycats, be original!
  4. What's up with imitation shortbread cookies. Only one company has the right shortbread cookie formula. Walker's baby. Everyone else needs to close up shop 'cos they suck.
  5. Why the fuck do people always try to speed up when they know you are trying to make an exit? Don't sit in the fuckin' exit lane if you are going to be blocking everyone you damn moron.
As you can see, I'm in a pissy, pissy mood today.

But I feel better now.


Randomly Sane said...

LOL!! Clearly, you understand my day! I feel a whole lot better just reading that out loud :OP

Dami said...

i find it interesting that women and people in general didn't complain when it was divided by sex. sexism is as bad as racism. but i am so looking forward to it because i don't see it as racist =)

NML said...

Dayamn! That was a rant and a half. It is years since I have been in Blockbuster and what you have said will keep me away even longer and I am shocked about the Survivor twist but I do reckon that it will throw a very interesting spotlight on the contestants. When race is at the centre of things...anything can happen. Glad you are feeling better - thinking of you!

Africainement said...

I do agree wuzz upp the survivor's ridiculous ..and obv' it will be the best!!