Monday, July 10, 2006

Meet My Mom

The Italian is such a charmer! I don't know why I was worried, within minutes he had gotten himself into my mom's good graces. Thanks for the tips everyone---it's a shame that I couldn't break out the booze....mommy dearest doesn't drink at all, and Daniel becomes very quiet when he drinks. Not a good combo.

Anyway, he arrived looking utterly scrumptious and smelling great. He brought some lovely day lilies for my mom and she was all a twitter putting them in a vase. The flowers smelled really lovely, reminscent of the same lilies he brought me back last year. They sat on the couch and started talking, and she was quizzing him about his life.

I'm not sure what really impressed her, but it must have been something about him speaking 5 languages, growing up all over the world, her teaching him some Yoruba phrases and him repeating them flawlessly, the really interesting poem he recited on Politricks that totally blew her mind, or his charm and effusive nature...but later she told me that she totally thinks he's great. "I can see why you are into him. He reminds me alot of your dad," she stated.

That's a load off my mind. She even told me that she has no compunctions raving about him to daddy dearest. Hopefully when he meets Daniel, they will hit it off as well.

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone:)


Virginia Belle said...

YAY!!! i wish i had it that easy w/my mom. she hates every guy, without exception. she'd probably hate a guy who she set me up with! it wouldn't surprise me.

glad it went so well for you. i bet it's a big relief!

KM said...

That's wonderful! ;-)

Tutsy said...

Well ain't he a little charmer!!!. Glad ur mom took to him and he brought her flowers...awwwwwww, that is so sweet of him ...what can i say, the guy definately knows how to play his cards.