Sunday, July 09, 2006


The Italian is meeting my mom this evening for the very first time. I'm cooking dinner and inviting my aunt & uncle as buffers.

I spent several minutes (ok, it was over an hour) rhapsodizing about him and really amping him up. However, I can see that all my talking is barely doing anything, she's still very skeptical. I don't have any qualms on Danny's end--I know that he'll be great. It's a shame my dad isn't here. He's great at thawing arctic social situations.

Being that my meeting his dad went along pretty well, I should be all cool about this, right? Wrong. I'm a mass of nerves. I'm trying not to balk and call it off at the last minute.

We'll see how THAT goes.

Wish me luck.


The Seeker said...

You could always make her a nice stiff drink to lighten her up. Good luck. BTW - orgasm reduces stress. Try it. :-)

Lushy said...

Yikes. My dad did not like my ex, so I know how uncomfortable those situations can become. My theory is that as long as parents can see how much a man loves their daughter, they will like him.

I hope it all goes well!

Poetic Justice said...

Good luck! I am rooting for the Italian! "Mother Knows Best"

Chantel said...

I like Seekers advice. I would just get drunk so she was ashamed of me instead of not liking him.

I'm a thinker like that.