Monday, July 24, 2006

Heat Waves

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? ~ Steven Wright

I know everyone got a little bit of this heat wave over the past weekend. Unless of course you were fortunate enough to be right on the coast, in which case, I don't want to hear about your lovely 70-degree temperatures.

Contrary to popular complaints, I actually have enjoyed the long, hot summer days. I got to prattle around in skimpy shorts and a wifebeater, taking hour long siestas, trailing icecubes on my chest and sipping vodka tonics in the guise of It was quite lovely.

For those of you wondering, I'm really enjoying this new job, although I don't get as much internet time as I would like.

The Boyfriend is away on the East Coast this week, there was a death in his family and he's pretty torn up about it. I'm trying to be as supportive as I can, to be strong for him like he's being for his parents, but I feel so limited in what I can do from 3000 miles away. The funeral is on Tuesday and he should be back into town sometime after that.

That's all in my neck of the woods. Hope your weekends were quite lovely.


NML said...

I'm sorry to hear the news about your boyfriends loss. {{hug}} I hope you're both doing well and enjoy the rest of your nursing stint.

Virginia Belle said...

i too am sorry to hear the news. hope he will feel better soon.

i can't believe how much you are getting paid to house sit!!!!

glad you like your new job. :)

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear about the Boyfriend's loss. It is terrible to lose a family member or someone close to you.
For these people to pay you $2500 to house sit for 12 days and watch Grandma? They either REALLY love their house, or they REALLY love Grandma.
Why can't I find things like that in Michigan?