Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Things I've Learned This Fortnight

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts/words:) As my stint comes to an end, I've a moment for reflection. I'm making this list of things that I learned---I'm actually surprised that there are soooo much stuff that I didn't do/know.

I've Learned:
  • How to use a corkscrew to open wine bottles
  • That cocktail hour before dinner is fabulous & relaxing
  • That watching the sunrise every morning from the lazy comfort of my bed is a blessing
  • How to use a grill.
  • The difference between pinot grigio/chardonnay, merlot/cabernet and other sundry wines.
  • The different glasses that you use with which and what.
  • That a vodka tonic is absolutely refreshing on a hot day.
  • Numerous recipes and stuff to cook.
  • That hordeuves can actually be pretty good.
  • What my perfect kitchen will look like!
  • That I've missed cooking and eating chicken, fish & turkey with every dinner meal.
  • That I have the capabilities of driving like an old lady.
  • That if I ever get to the point that I have to be in a nursing home for a protracted period of time, where there is NO INTERNET and noone knows how to PLAY SPADES, then please....someone please put me down & out.
  • That I'm a pretty damn good cook! (Even better than I originally thought I was)
  • That I actually can get tired of driving around.
  • That without the internet/my cellphone, I'm living in a shell.
  • That my preloaded Ipod is a lifesaver!
Ok, so most of these revolved around food & drink....but I've been avoiding the scale all fortnight. However, I did make it a point to take a jaunt with the doggies every evening so I shouldn't be that bad.


Virginia Belle said...

i can tell by this post that you've never waited tables! :)

i can open wine bottles in my sleep. and i don't even drink!

i'm jealous that you have had so much time to cook! now i want to, too! thanks for the inspiration.

sounds like you had a good time. learning new things is always so empowering.

The Seeker said...

I so wish I could meet you IRL.

Nkem said...

It seems you've had a "Sideways" (which btw, is a brilliant film) couple of weeks.