Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Madness

It's all about people. It's about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. ~ Mike Davidson

I have to catch up on my writing for Baggage Reclaim and the Bad Girls Guide, but somehow, I've been wasting time all day and somehow managed to get sucked into the craziness of computer networking called Myspace. I had a profile on there for a while, but never really did much to it or with it, it's kinda like my hi5 profile and lies dormant.

However recently I've been putting stuff on this blog to the Myspace blog and then somehow I got swept in everything. I learned HTML, got all kinds of codes, added music and even some nice pix on there. Unfortunately I can't share the link with all you beautiful people at this time because I'm trying to keep my lives separate, however if that changes, you'll be the first to know.

While I was walking to the gym today, I got distracted by the police directing cars to take a side road instead of the main road. Thinking nothing of it, I did the same, and ended up coming back a couple of hours later using the normal route that I take. Needless to say, there was construction on the main road, and that's why the cops were diverting. I pressed on, thinking that surely there would be a way that my two feet would be able to pass (didn't feel like backtracking 1.8 miles!)

Anyway, about 200 feet from the cops was where the construction was taking place. I don't know exactly what they were doing, but for some reason the pedestrian pathway was immersed in 3 feet of muddy water. Great! (and I was wearing my cute pink Kangaroos and didn't want to get them messed up.) I tried the muddy trail, but had to turn back and ended up scaling the wall holding on to a guardrail just so I wouldn't get all wet and muddy. I'm sure the guys/drivers watching me thought I was super loco, but hey, there was no way I was turning round.

Needless to say, I made it back in one piece, and my shoes only slightly muddied.


JaG said...

Keeping the online and irl life seperate has become like a daily task for me. Like now I can't tell my irl people about Last.FM because even if I take the link to my blog off my profile they'll be able to click my Friends there and click to their blogs and there are links to my blog there. So yeah I'm a bit paranoid about it but you can't be too careful.

minijonb said...

I call this problem MWPD: Multiple Web Personality Disorder.

Sometimes I login to post a comment, and I need to remind myself what "identity" I should be using. It's totally screwed up. Cyberlife with multiple avatars/logins/blogging tools really stinks.

Vixen said...

Yeah, i ttoally feel you guys!