Tuesday, November 22, 2005


People can get obsessed with romance, they can get obsessed with political paranoia, they can get obsessed with horror. It's isn't the fault of the subject matter that creates the obsession, I don't think. ~ Adam Arkin

Apparently they can get obsessed with XBoxes too. This is dedicated to the guy in his 30s and all the other 42 losers in line, that are currently waiting on a lawn chairs by the door of Best Buy, and have been waiting there since 7am Monday, awaiting the XBox 360 system that comes out on Tuesday.

Rumor has it the Best Buy is the exclusive distributor of Xbox 360 and it only comes out in limited release this week. But around Xmas, there will be more systems available, and in Febuary, you won't even have to wait in any line to pick up your 360 system.

So now that you have taken 2 days off of work (1 to line up, 1 to recuperate from lining up), sat in front of Best Buy for 24 hours, in the Bay area with a temperature that drops to 30 degrees at night, with nothing to eat but the food in the cooler at your feet that you finished already, and no way to pee at all without losing your spot in line, I hope that you are proud of yourself.

I hope that when you are playing the game that you froze your ass off to get, while little kids in hospitals don't even have any games to play with at all, you will pat yourself on the back for having done a good thing. I hope that when you hook up your game that you obtained on the day it came out, you realize that Microsoft only released limited systems to mess with you. I hope you recognize that they succeeded in ripping you out of $399.99 even though you already have a perfectly good Xbox at home (and probably a PS2 as well).

I hope that you realize that your obsession is out of control, and the woman in your life will kick your ass for ever pulling a stunt like that again.


Dami said...

oh-kay then... you have yours, they have theirs. chill. just a bit? i lined up for a u2 concert and don't regret it. i'll do it all over again. chances are these guys lined up for the old xbox and psp and didn't regret it. now they're doing it all over again =) anyways, long time. hope all's well. what are you guys doing for xmas?

Meg said...

I don't see what's wrong with having a hobby you really like. If you're dropping $300 for a new toy when you can't pay your rent or feed your kids, that's a problem, but jsut taking a day or two off from work to do soemthing you like? I should hope we all do that from time to time.

Christine said...

I don't get it either but to each his own

Vixen said...

Dami & Meg, some obsessions make sense, this one just didn't to my non-gaming self. Do you think he is having fun sitting in the freezing cold? My rant was based solely upon the fact that the game is coming out in a week in mass production, and by Feb. you won't even need to line up at all. I guess with some obsessions, it's just hard to wait that extra week.

Oh well.

Mad Munkey said...

Hmmm... $400 would buy a nice case of wine. Half a ticket to Carnival... Dinner for two at Ruths Chris with fantastic wine... two high end tickets for Zumanity in Vegas... the list goes on. Xbox? Riiight.

NML said...

I like my games but not that much. I can't be bothered to cue up for anything but these people are what we refer to in marketing speak as 'early adopters'. The people who don't queue up and wait for the price to come down are us average Joes, the mass consumer. OMG! I had dinner at Ruth Chris back in 97 and I can still taste the food now!
I digress, this was a funny post!

The Future said...

I am one of the "losers" who waited in line for a 360, and no I did not take any time of work, and yes I do have a perfectly good xbox at home, but what I do with my time is my business, I also take the time to volunteer at a homeless shelter. I don't know if you had a boyfriend who chose gaming over you, or what your reasons are for slagging off gamers, but it is a pretty shortsighted view to disrespect somebody, based on their hobbies. Would you insult a philatilist or a numatatist, for spending exorbitant amounts of money on their hobbies?