Monday, November 21, 2005


...Now, it's a pleasure to walk in sober and be on top of things, to know exactly what I'm doing and be in sync with everybody. ~ Ace Frehley

I've gotten asked several times in the last few weeks, whether I was going to Loma Linda definitely or not. My answer to that was always, "I don't know yet." The thing about it was that, it was easy enough to pick up the phone and find out, and yet, every time I wanted to do that, something kept me from it.

Pretty much it was fear. (You might remember how I rhapsodized about it here). Anyway this morning, I pretty much had a gun put to my head by Claire and was told to dial the digits and find out whether I got in or not.

With clammy palms I did, got transferred a bunch of times and realized that University admission offices are totally chaotic and run by dweebs who don't know what their right hand is doing from the left. First the admissions office told me that they didn't have a transcript sent to them by my last college. Then the nursing department told me that they didn't have my recommendation letters all in. They needed 3, and she said they only had 2.

So I called my last college and verified that yes, they had sent out a transcript on the 26th of October. Then I called the Dweebs back and told them this, so she looked in the computer and told me that they were awaiting an official transcript because the one they had didn't have my degree on it.

"Have you graduated yet?" She asked me. I was stupefied. Not only have I graduated, my degree has been gathering dust for the past 4 years. I told her so, and she searched again, to come up with the scenario that some dweeb in her office had not put in my graduation/degree info into the computer. It always comes back to human error. She apologized and fixed it immediately, and told me that she would send the info to the nursing department.

I called the nursing department back, had them re-count the recommendations letters they had. I had 4 referrals, so if they only had 2, they must have lost some or something. She counted them, and told me that yeah, they had 4. Gosh people, learn how to count!

Then she told me I would have to come down to the school to make an appointment to take a placement test. "I hope it's not like the NCLEX" I told her, knowing that if anyone ever tried to make me take the NCLEX again I would have to string them up and hang them by their toenails for the request alone. (Hardest exam on God's green earth. Took me 3 months of intense study to ace it)

She told me that it wasn't, it was more like the ACT, which would be a math, reading, comprehension type exam. So I guess once I take this test, my part of the admission process is done and they just have to dig their head out of the sand and send me my acceptance letter dammit!

**end rant**

In other news, my spiffy phone messed up and I have to mail it in to Motorola to get it fixed. So if you are trying to call me and can't, it's not cos I'm avoiding you, ok? Well maybe I am, but now I have a bonafide excuse.

Have you been to the Penis Parade on Baggage Reclaim? It seems that alot of blogettes have been getting unsolicited penii emailed to them by random guys over the internet. These penii are not really impressive, and I wouldn't send it to some girl I was trying to sleep with. Anyway, if you want a good laugh, or to de-virginize your eyes, head over to Baggage Reclaim and check it out. You have to sign up to enter the forums, but it's a quick and painless process. Totally worth it.

I'm flying out to Indianapolis tomorrow to spend time with my family for the holidays. My sisters are going to be there and it should be a total blast if we don't kill each other sometime during the week. I do love them to pieces, and know they love me too, but sibling rivalry can be so fun! Needling them mercilessly is going to help time fly. Ah, good times:)

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NML said...

I didn't understand most of what you were saying but I know what you mean about frustrating admissions. Have a fab trip and kudos for the Baggage mention x