Saturday, October 01, 2005


Highlights of my 25th birthday

I spent it in a hospital bed, surrounded by tubes, probed with needles and forced to deep breathe oxygen.

I talked to every single person I knew on the phone, and got so many renditions of Happy Birthday sang to me that I think I'll be fine if I never hear that song again for a whole 'nother year decade.

The nurses on my unit made me a home-made birthday card and everyone signed it. So sweet!

My friends brought me over a whole Sara Lee's Strawberry Cheesecake and I got to eat as much as I could (one slice) and then passed the rest around the unit.

When sent downstairs for an Xray, I flirted with the yummy, cute technicians and told them that it was my Silver Jubilee. So they sang Happy Birthday to me....and strolled me back up after my tests.

I cried when I found out my ex had a new girlfriend already, and got to shoot myself up with expensive painkillers, that gave me a buzz and put me to sleep.

I rounded it all up with an interesting episode of Desperate Housewives and a very funny epi of Grey's Anatomy.

All in all, a strange birthday, definitely the strangest I've ever had.

Happy Birthday to Me!


NML said...

Happy birthday my friend! I am shocked at what you've been through and hopefully you're on the mend now. Your ex is a twat. Guys have short memories and their way of dealing with breakups is screwing someone else. At least you had the painkillers! Give him a special 2 fingered salute from me when you see him next :-) {{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} Tosin! I'm here for ya babes xxxx

Justice said...

Sounds like an unusual birthday to say the least.

always write said...

I didn't know you were unwell; I hope you're feeling much, much better. 25 is a great year -- enjoy it in good health and naughty behavior!

Dami said...

happy birthday. hope you got our message. if not, here goes: happy birthday!