Thursday, October 06, 2005

Special Announcement

To Alias Lovers EVERYWHERE!!!!

I know we all saw last week's epi, and in tears we swore off Alias, that we would never watch it again....but somehow we crawled back again this week for another terrifying shocker.

Vaughn is NOT dead! I screamed for almost a minute when I saw his hand move! I knew he wasnt dead!!!!


Isn't he soooo fine? That replacement dude doesn't even begin to compare. Cos if Vaughn doesn't come back soon, I will quench for lack of eye candy on that show. I'm beginning to look at Marshall in a new know I'm getting desperate.

Alias Still Kicks Ass!!!


NML said...

I don't watch Alias but Vaughan is gorgeous! I watch 24, although Kiefer is not so good looking!

miseducated gal said...

I still think Vaughn is Dead. I know you gave me those 10 reasons, but thursday's(Oct 13) episode sucked. Was just out there, I do not like the new guy AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love for ALIAS is going out. :( Sad but true.