Tuesday, June 21, 2005


There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. - Countess of Blessington

Thanks to the good people at Oreo for coming up with the Peanut Butter Creme Double Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Although each serving packs a whopping 140 calories, it's sooooo good that your palate will thank you. For the Reese's Pieces lover out there, I highly recommend this cookie to add to your collection of favorites.

Moving right along, I think the mail-lady has a crush on me. Seriously! We have a mail slot and so she doesn't need to knock on the door all the time to deliver the mail, but she does anyway. Promptly, between 1pm and 2. Must be because of my stunning smile, showing all my pearly whites. Even though generally I'm in my sweats and a T. Ok, maybe she doesn't. Maybe I'm just delusional because I'm now on the West Coast and half of the people here are fruity.

Ok, sorry to diss the East Bay like that, but everytime I have the opportunity to people watch, I'm stunned by the level of fruitiness. They are all just soooo darned sweet and friendly over here, it's depressing.

Say a prayer for me tonight. I'm supposed to go watch my boyfriend practicing Muay Thai at his gym. Pray that I don't get conked out by some flying knee kick. Or get elbowed by accident by some flailing guy that got thrown by someone else. Defying gravity is against the laws of nature, and with my luck, I'm bound to get hit. *fingers, arms, legs, eyes crossed* I'm a lover, not a fighter...I leave that to my younger sister, aka the Dragon.

Listening to: Fantasia, BABY MAMA.
Mood: Relaxed, sipping on Raspberry Soda!!

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