Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Breaking News

The law is bigger than money - but only if the law works hard enough. - Thomas E. Dewey

By now everyone in the whole world has probably heard that Micheal Jackson was fully acquitted of all charges brought against him for child molestation and conspiracy to commit a felony. Most of us watched the breaking news on TV yesterday in passive acceptance. Some were probably quite incensed, not believing that he managed to escape the noose of the law again.

For all the MJ fans out there, I know that you guys must have been seriously pleased. As for me, I was ambivalent at best, going from both sides of the fence ...(hey, I'm a Libra, it's what we do best!) Anyway, big ups to MJ for doing what every other celebrity has managed to do, pay big bucks and get away from the long arm of the law that casts a shadow on every other mediocre bloke out there.

The 13 week trial was more than just a trial, it was a circus that the nation watched quite avidly. I'm sure that the re-enactors from E! really loved the steady paychecks they got for over 3 months. With all we all recall the Pajama Appearance, the Peace Sign, MJ standing on the SUV, Jesus Juice, the gag orders...it was a circus. I'm sure that the people of Santa Clara are really glad to have their town as theirs once again.

Actually I was avidly reading the news on the Internet yesterday. I prefer to get my news via the web so that I can selectively filter out whatever I don't want to know about and click only on the stories that intrigue me. The power of the 21st century...tres magnifique!

Destiny's Child announced that they were going to split up after their World Tour. Nooooooooooooooo! Where else will we be able to get our Girl Power songs from? Only DC can come up with such songs as Survivor, Bootylicious, Independant Woman and make it the national anthem of women everywhere.

TLC is gone, DC is on it's way out as well. I guess it's up to P.Diddy's Making the Band 3 to furnish us with the new generation of girl bands. Good luck with that.

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Kafo said...

na wa o, so i have updated myself on a bunch of your blogs, and we are on the same wavelength on the MJ issue and for Mr and Mrs. please i won a bet becuz of it's success so big ups to Pitt cuz he is steamingly hot.

Vixen said...

Thanks for your comment Kafo. Glad you won your bet.