Sunday, June 12, 2005


A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. - Alfred Hitchcock

Guess what? Mr. & Mrs. Smith rocked the box office this past weekend. I'm sure most people went to see it just to gauge themselves the level of attraction of Brangelina. Gosh people...get a life! They are ACTORS, they can portray anything they need to in order to get the emotion across. That is why they are paid the big acting bucks. So you all that bought the ticket on that appeal alone got jipped and made the movie rise to it's $51 million mark. Good job.

Personally, I don't do opening weekends. I need my 2 feet of personal space, thank you very much! I probably won't even see it until you all are lining up for some other blockbuster.

What's up with Hollywood and every single remake movie they keep bringing out? If it's not a remake it's a prequel, sequel or something that has been done before. What happened to all the original plot lines and twists? Have we seriously made every single possible movie that we can and are stuck with these insipid clones?

If you need inspiration, I'm sure that the general public has a few movie ideas for you. You could do a movie about my life for starters. That should give you enough fodder for a trilogy at the very least.

Please, please, please Hollywood, get original or else we all will just quit watching movies altogether. Then were will that leave you?

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