Saturday, February 07, 2009


I am trying to decide how to rate this website and so I spent a couple of minutes looking for my dream watch. I did not find it. What I did find was a bunch of overpriced designer watches, okay maybe there is no such thing as an overpriced designer watch because every designer watch is supposed to be expensive. So i guess I should be greatly there is one website that has a wide variety expensive watch.

Okay I have to admit that my first impression of the website was cluttered. Too much was going on on the main page, it would have been better if they just had a couple of main names and then break them up into a variety of groups. I have to admit that breaking it up according to prices on the main page was a good idea because I didn't have to spend time looking at watches I couldn't afford.

One more thing before I end this mini epilogue, I don't know what Suunto watches are and maybe that is why I wasn't awed by this website but for those who know how to appreciate watches and what to get designer watches at a price that might seem affordable to you but obscene to me visit this site and for those of you who like mii have no idea what a Suunto one is and are not really in love with the whole Rolex phenomenon go to wal mart.
I hope this was a bit to the point for all
have a nice day

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