Thursday, February 26, 2009

february done

Some days i think i should just give up the struggle and go a website and find the best diet pill on the market and use it to lose the last 10 pounds for real.

It seems that i have to be constantly on my guard cuz when i slip i gain 5 pounds so now i have to lose 15 pounds and the game starts over and over again and i am back in the dumps. So yeah if u are like mii and 2 months into the year u have fallen off the wagon

holla back


Tutsy said...

lollll, gurl i feel ur pain. Long time eh? I say do it the natural way babez, i stopped messing with diet pills a long time ago, i'll rather be a little chunky than end up in the ER with a stroke....just not worth the risk

Diet and exercise works wonders, i have been able to maintain a very slim figure for a little over 20 months now, u just have to find what works for u....ever considered weight watchers???

welder said...

i bought leptorexin and gives results