Friday, November 16, 2007

Bank of America baby!!!!!

I am now in love with Bank of America.
Here is the story, I have had a checking account with Fifth Third for the last 5 years but it did not change my life in any shape or form. It actually made it a bit harder when it came to paying bills, I also had to go to the bank to use an ATM and then I had to constantly pay to get checks. When it comes to the whole online banking they are still living in the dark ages.

After moving or should I say temporarily relocating to SoCal three months ago, I decided to get a Bank of America savings and checking account and every since then my financial world has a been a bit less stressful. Checking accounts in this day and age should first of all be free and in fact not give you unnecssary grief and shouldn't make you feel dumb. So if you currently have an account that isn't free and giving you grief.

Dump them

Have a blessed weekend

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