Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ticket pictures

I kind of, sort of got a ticket. Now before you go on you must repeat this

Kafo is a good driver,
Kafo is a good driver,
Kafo is a good driver,

I am a good driver, seriously, but ever since coming to SoCal I have started to doubt my ability as a driver. Yesterday I had to pump gas at one of htose machines and couldn't figure out how to use it and then I realized that I was running late and that I was thirty minutes behind schedule so when I got to the next red light I didn't really stop before making the turn and then i saw the flash. In Indiana we don't have the flash, we don't have computers that take pictures and then tell you to pay money, we don't have the best radar detector so when you are speeding and going 25 over the speed limit nothing can really get in your way.

But in Cali
They do
So, I'm expecting a ticket soon
In the mail
sniffle sniffle

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