Monday, October 08, 2007

Past cannot become Present

So it seems like we have another sport that have fallen prey to scandal. Who doesn't watch the Olympics? Esp. the track part of it. I remember watching the 2000 Summer Games and rooting for Marion Jones to win all the five gold medals and now today we find out that she was actually pumped up on steriods and has to return the medals. Hmmmm, it is sad but now I am wondering who get the medals? Do they find the person that go the Silver and give them the gold and upgrade the Bronze winner and the 4th place runner? I mean in a sport live cross country bike riding (I know that isn't the name of what Armstrong does), the Tour de France, if Armstrong admits in 2010 that he was using muscle enhancement stuff in 2005, who cares, or if it happens to Tiger Woods and his Ping Golf clubs who cares, that many years after the fact?

I understand the whole "It is the Principle" argument but it is not like the Eagles can take all the fun away from the Patriots 2006 SuperBowl party. It's already happen, the books may change and the medals may change hands but the fun, excitement and pleasure can neve be recaptured.

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