Monday, October 08, 2007

Dream Home: Part #?

I entered the room and immediately inhaled
the scent that has haunted me so long.
Everywhere I looked I was
confronted with his

My hands long to trace
each curve, each dip
and fall. I am lost
and don't even
realize it.

Libraries are the devil. Have you ever walked into a library and felt love wash over you like oceanspray on a hot summer night. One ladder rack standing idly by begs you to climb and you try and resist the urge but the next level is even more breathtaking than the first. First editions of Dickens, Poes, Plath, Tolstoy line the wall and all you want to do is become one with the room and yet remain yourself because a part of you wants to feel this way over and over again.

So yeah
I have a dream library in my dream home

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