Thursday, September 20, 2007


I’m wondering what would happen if I ended up with sextuplets or even just quadruplets. After all the media hype and the special on Lifetime, what comes next? I am very sure that the diapers donated will run out sometime before the kids turn two. So what do I do next. I don’t consider myself a big shopper, I like to think that I shop as necessary and that I am not a shopaholic who lives for malls and new shoes and outfits. I remember when we were kids my mom always used to dress me and my younger sisters alike. So maybe that is what I need to do, some quality wholesale clothing at discount prices every 6 months. Of course this will be mad expensive but then again why am I stressing, there are a couple of mountains that need to be scaled in order for this to happen and I am no where near putting on my Nikes talk less going outside and finding a mountain.

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Soul said...

urm... you'd have an easy labour?.
Don't multiple babies come out ridiculously small lol..
erm yeah...