Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boyz thinking they are men.

I am officially pissed. I mean in this day and age when people are praying for cures from cancer. When kids are going to bed hungry and others are praying for rain so that they can quench their thirst, it pissing me off to have to be in the presence of boyz who think that God should reward their pathetic efforts and give them more toys. Boys and toyz, I think I should get my sister to write some poetry to lambaste their idiotic endeavors. She just wrote something that encapsulates the whole boyish mentality in general but i think she needs to get a lil' bit more specific. Some guy who is suppose to be a pastor took time during a prayer meeting to ask God for a 2008 Mercedes S class, keep in mind that this guy does not have a study job and hasn’t had one in the last 10 years. I mean when people that call themselves pastors start asking for cars they can’t afford doesn’t this encourage all those college kids to start pursing dreams about 2010 BMW and others start fasting for some Chrysler 300 accessory. Please nonsense, but yeah I guess boyz will always be boyz regardless of their vocation or age.

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Soul said...

And this si the reason why I, unfortunately... cannot take most church folk seriously.

i've heard the most ridiculous, mnaterialistic crap come out of the mouths of 'self appointed' leaders and I've seen people follow them and give their life savings to help out the materialistics dreams of 'pastors'.

I wish Jesus Christ would come back right now.. just to completely destroy these palaces of iniquity... urrghhhh they provoke the worst in me.