Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Netflix baby

Netflix vs. Blockbuster
So who has won out in your home, Netflix or Blockbuster? I have a brief stint with both, yes Netflix did introduce us to the whole movies in your mailboxes but Blockbuster has the whole go to the local shop and get another one that day. So just out of curiousity which one do you use and why. My kid sister is a Netflixer mainly because she doesn’t have a blockbuster in her town and my other sister uses both and cancels them and then renews them all over again and my third sister I don’t think she uses either one of them.

I’m a Netflixer.

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RandomlySane said...

I did Netflix, but then cancelled my account...there's nothing like going to Blockbuster or Hollywood, etc.. and being able to change your mind about what you wanna see!