Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Stranger Things...

The Overwhelmed Naija Babe tagged me to share some things that most people don't know about me. I'd like to consider myself an open book so believe it or not, I actually had to think for a while on this one.

  1. I detest cleaning the toilet. I can do every other chore in the house with ease but something about cleaning the gadarobe rubs me the wrong way. Even with wearing gloves and a pint of 409, I still can't stand doing the toilet. It's weird that I would start with this but it's on my mind.
  2. I used to eat sand when I was a child. Like alot---so much that I think I must have a stone in my intestines or something. In nursing school, I found out that pica, the craving to eat non-food substances like sand, is actually associated with children that have anemia. Apparently the low iron levels are substituted in certain things like chalk and sand. So, I can blame my sand eating days on the sickle cell.
  3. I don't take offense very easily but if you do slip up and say something to me that is way over the line, yes, I do bear a grudge. Not as much as my sister but still enough to have you wondering if I can ever forgive. Very few people have ever crossed that line---like I said for the most part I'm easygoing. But those that have crossed it have never been able to fall back into my good graces. So don't piss me off!
Okay that's all I can think about for right now. Holla at me when you have your list done. You are all tagged!


Kafo said...

that is y i always got stuck with the toilet duty.

Ugo Daniels said...

You used to eat sand, now dats an interesting one.

Anonymous said...

lol i hate cleaning the toilet too(lmao@kafo's comment... lol.. now you know eh..)oh my gosh.. the sand thing. my sister has anemia too and she ate sand and chalk as a just thought she was a weird kid so i'm gonna share this info with her just so she understands the reason for her 'childhood weirdness'... lmao

great responses vix...(i thought it was only me that had to actually think of responses for that... i mean i write so much of myself that i had to think real hard of something i hadn't already shared.. lol...

Vixen said...

Kafo, hahaha, now you know.

Ugo, surprise, surprise!

ONB, I feel ya, I have 5 blogs covering almost every aspect of myself so it was really hard, especially since 3 of them are more than 2 years old.