Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Children

Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they find? ~Samuel Johnson

I went to a graduation party today with the Boyfriend and we both cut such a cute picture. (Can I actually say that without sounding vain?) Yes...the Boyfriend and I are so hot together! We are hotter than Brangelina! Oh yeah---betcha didn't know that!

The mother of a student that he tutors invited us and the Kid to come out to celebrate her son's graduation. It was sooo fun! At first I thought I would be out of my depth, going to a party that I didn't know anyone but the Boyfriend, but moment's after I got there I was at ease, playing spades with a group of ladies like I was back in college...(best times RS!), I did win by the way...even ran a Boston towards the end.

Back to the story. It was the most fun party I'd been all year, even though there were a bunch of little kids running around screaming. They had a large, inflatable tent-jumpey thing and the kids were having a field day with that. The food was great and everyone was so friendly. Towards the end of the party, I needed a moment to myself and found a corner by some silk trees to watch the scene without actually being a part of it.

Children are truly the most fun beings to watch...they have such a joy about them, with no stress, worries or burdens. All they want to do is play. And drink soda. LOL! Anyway it was such a fun party and I"m glad that I went out there.

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RandomlySane said...

Glad you enjoyed the party - but you can't replicate those days with strangers!!! lol...and just so you know you can NEVER run a Boston on Nsquared :O)

And by the way - are you thinking about having kids now???? Hmmmmmm...???