Friday, April 13, 2007


In love, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision. ~Italo Calvino

I had way too much food to eat today. The source of my gluttony sadly, isn't a celebratory sort or an excuse of a party. The source of my gluttony is the Nigerian food store. I was craving some Naija foods and came across this Nigerian store in my neighbourhood that actually delivers!! You head online to their website at, order whatever you want and then they ship it to you using the type of shipment you want. Add to pay using Paypal, so it's fab all the way.

So after my new discovery, I kinda went overboard. Not only did I order Naija staples like fufu, eru and egusi, I also ordered snacks like Milo, chin-chin and plantain chips. So this morning I had akamu with akara, some fufu and egusi soup for lunch and jollof rice with plantain for dinner. In addition, I ate all the snacks. All of them! Talk about some serious peptide overload.

The Boyfriend totally loves Naija food. You would have sworn he was a Naija man through and through. Except for this penchant on putting sour cream on almost everything...even jollof rice. Now that, I don't know where it comes from!


Marjie said...

hey vixen. because i'm an avid reader of your blogs, I tagged you in one of my entries to see what you thoughts on the subject if you decide to participate. come check it out at

thanks hun!

Bronze Sugar BAP said...

OH My Delivery Nigerian Food? And in the bay area? thats pretty exciting.
I need to check it out. Bby the way I love your blogs.

Virginia Belle said...

ok, girl. some of your readers are about as ethnic as wonder bread. and by "some of your readers" i mean me.

i know what plantains are -- they are pretty good. but what's the rest of that stuff? what are you putting in the rice to make it...jolloffy?

Vixen said...

Marjie...gimme a few days, I will definitely do it.

Bronze sugar bap...what is bap anyway? Yeah, it's in San Pablo if you want to pick it up though...I just got some eru today.

VB, Jollof rice is like spicy jambalaya rice. But it's so much better than jambalaya, because that's just a knockoff of the original recipe I would like to say.

Akanmu is corn custard, but made of corn, it's a break fast meal, you eat it with

Akara, which is fried bean cakes...really good!

Fufu, that's like mashed potatoes, but more formed, you eat with

Egusi soup, which is spinach with egusi and other vegetables, comes out to be a hearty delicious stew.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to explain all the ethnic flavors from now on.