Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I had the most bizarre dream last night. For some reason I was in a boat trying to use a fishing tackle to get back to land. There was some urgency because a pink wave was threatening to overtake my boat and the Boyfriend was no where in sight. (Where is the knight in shining armor when you need him?) I tried several times but was unsuccessful until a coconut hit the tackle swinging it in the right direction and me to safety just in the nick of time. I"m not even going to try to get an explanation on that one, it's bizarre to say the least. What's with the pink wave, mon?


KM said...

Ok, so I'm not even sure I'm supposed to comment on this one -- but I'm Jamaican on the days when I'm not British, and that last sentence made me laugh out loud!

Peace and love!

Randomly Sane said...

lol - me too...(echoing km) for the dream...i've had my share of crazy strange ones too...i've given up trying to understand them...