Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Bee

Being busy does not always mean real work. ~ Thomas A. Edison

I've been writing so much this week that I think I'm developing carpal tunnel. It's been a constant state of writing page after page after page on a project for another website. My fingers are numb. Although I have come to realize that I can type an astounding 90wpm with no errors. Go Me!!

In other news, it looks like condo hotels are the new resting place of the rich & famous. My question is why would you pay for a hotel to live in when a house is cheaper? Is it because you are too lazy to clean up after yourself? Or perhaps you don't want to be responsible for other bills that normal people get like electricity and water? Someone clue me in on this 'cos living forever in a hotel makes absolutely no sense.


Randomly Sane said...

Congrats on the 90wpm! As for the condo hotel thing - you nailed. Laziness. If I could afford it I'd probably do it

Kafo said...

get well ooooo

NML said...

Jaysus you can type fast! I have carpal tunnel at the moment and although it's actually a symptom of my pregnancy (I really only feel it for the first few hours when I wake up), I am also working on several writing projects so no doubt compounding the problem. Re the hotel, they do it because they can, because they're rich and because they're lazy and like being waited on... x

Marjie said...

that's in a hotel can be quite odd. the only reason i could think of is if you were a medical intern in grey's anatomy and you have no time to look for a place to live because your parents--or roommate--booted you out of their shacks. but then again, that's on tv. doesn't make sense to me either. i guess i'll just justify that when i've experience living in it myself.