Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I haven't had a vacation in years. I'd really like to sneak off and just run around on a beach for a while. ~Irene Cara

For some reason, I've been craving a vacation like crazy. It's not because I'm overworked or anything, but it's just 'cos the Boyfriend and I have never taken a *real* vacation together. The one I planned last year ended up falling through cos I feel horrendously sick. And the next one after that didn't go through because we got robbed of all our extra money before we even left for the trip. Anyway, so I'm looking at places to head to sometime this summer and I realised that it's going to be a very hot one. I wish I could afford crewed yacht charters, that would be so dope. The breeze in your hair, the salty sea and being out away from everything, yet with all the amenities close at hand. Such a luxury!

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