Friday, March 23, 2007

Life vs. Hollywood

There is such a wide disparity between true life and Hollywood.

In true life, when you hit someone in the face with an object, you get charged with assault. This could garner you up to 90days in prison if they press charges as well as a hefty fine. A celeb gets---5 days community service, that she turns into a fashionable catwalk.

In real life, when you drive erratically, over the speed limit and your booze level is above the state's maximum, you get detained immediately, slammed into jail and your license promptly suspended. In Hollywood, you make up some inane excuse and all charges mysteriously disappear.

In true life, when you get stressed out on life and your babies; you call up your mom, have a take the kids for a few days and take a mini-break or vacation. In Hollywood, you call up your mom, have her take the kids and check into drug rehab.


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