Saturday, February 03, 2007


I dented my boss's car today. Her 2005 Lexus SUV.*gulp*

I feel totally awful about it. I was distracted as I was pulling out of the driveway and forgot that her other car was parked right to the right side/slightly behind it. They scraped against each other pretty badly, I wanted to crawl into bed and start the day over again. I do believe that that is my first accident ever; with a parked car. Ugh...I feel totally embarrassed just typing this.

So now I have to spend the whole weekend that I was looking forward to researching body shops to get the best rate since I have to pay the whole thing out of pocket. This is soooo not the time to have this happen, I'm kicking myself mentally and have been all day.

Surprisingly she took it better than I thought. She didn't scream or yell or's almost eerie. I felt so remorseful and sad, I almost left work early today because I couldn't focus. She was actually cool...even though she didn't relent on the fact I would have to get it fixed asap. Damn.

It's times like this that I wish I was more loaded. Does anyone know of a good/cheap body shop in the Bay Area? And while you are looking, how about one for PLC repair as well?

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Virginia Belle said...

oh no! that's terrible!!!

sounds like your boss took it well, though. so that's good.

no one was hurt. cars are fixable. bank accounts can be refilled.

i'm going to quote my mom on this one: "trust me, in 6 months, none of this will matter!" -- it will all be over by then and you won't even care anymore.

heck, you'll feel better about it in a week! if not, you can write me and tell me. :)