Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Here's the deal folks. I know I was out, and the hols passed, but ever since January came by it's like everyone is in the doldrums. I figure if I post a bajillion posts a day someone will be tempted to say something. It's awfully quiet in the blogosphere and it's not just me. Being that right now I'm currently consumed with submitting a proposal for a book anthology, blogging on the other 3 blogs and holding the fort down at 2 jobs, I still am able to post like a fiend. So what's your excuse?

I know you are getting tired of me talking about work and more work but it's either that or gush adoringly about the Boyfriend. I figure one will make you puke or the other your eyes glaze over.

Okay, today's work story involves wandering around Staples looking for presentation folders. Did I mention how exact my boss is? Anyway, she wanted a specific type and of course Staples didn't have it. Neither did Office Max. Or Office Depot. Do they even make blue velour presentation folders?

I ended up ordering a custom made presentation folder printing online. The Internet is truly a godsend.

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