Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn

Before I moved to California I was a planner. I had schedules and task lists and maps and my life planned out to a tee. However with the wrench thrown into my plans, after the initial disappointment, I became somewhat lax in the discipline department. Could it be because I moved to a more laidback atmosphere? Or because my dreams were stalled, I put them on hold to sit gathering dust for months at an end? I can't identify why I lost the discipline, I just know that I have.

I really need to get it back. Intensely. I need to get organized again, staking my life priorities and attaining them with single minded focus and determination. Enough wallowing over situations and problems that are out of my control---I need to turn my energies to what I can control. Perhaps just attaining short term goals will help me focus once again on the big time goals.



Poetic Justice said...

AMEN! I am happy you are finally getting the point!

Mad Munkey said...

Here's to being on track, but just don't forget the life path sometimes flourishes more on the little side path we didn't expect to take.