Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Use what language you will, you can never say anything but what you are. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you noticed that when you hang out with someone often enough you start picking up their slangs, mannerisms and idiosyncrasies? It's like what animals do, imitating each other. I guess it's the best form of flattery. For those of you not fluent in the slangs I've been using lately, allow me to elucidate with the definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

ish ~~ 1. Sort of. 2. Kind of. 3. A little bit. 4. Not quite. 5. Alright. 6. Okay. 7. Decent. 8. Iffy. 9. Somewhat. 10. Not entirely. 11. Yes, except not.

shizz ~~ a. replaces shit in all contexts
b. the coolest
can be used either positively or negatively

foolywang ~~ foolishness

hella ~ Originated from the streets of San Francisco in the Hunters Point neighborhood. It is commonly used in place of "really" or "very" when describing something.

I know, it doesn't make that much sense---but when has the English language ever made sense?


nino said...

Bless ~ Originated In Jamaica. Used in greetings , departures, mutual signs of respect and pretty much everything positive. Soon to take over the world.

Vixen, good luck in love & life.


Poetic Justice said...

This is what happens when education has failed. I am telling your mother! Have you found a home yet? Me neither, i guess homelessness isn't so bad afterall...

Heart Of Darkness said...

See I'm not the only one caught up in the language-inferno... :)