Friday, August 11, 2006

Book Angst

I cannot live without books ~ Thomas Jefferson.

I went to my local library today to return some books and update my stash for the next fortnight. There was a big sign on the closed doorway. "Closed for Renovations"

Who the hell does that? Close a whole library for renovating the rinky dinky computer lab? I mean, at least keep some areas open so that people can still borrow books man! Especially book worms like me. They referred all patrons to go to the other town library, the sucky one that noone likes to go because they don't have the good, new books/DVDs there. Add to that, it's clear across town, not central to anything and any books you borrow from there have to be returned there. Grrrrrr!

In addition, I've already packed all my books, even the staples. The library is going to be closed for 2 weeks. If I can't survive on what little I can find (magazine subscriptions and scrounging around in B&N), then I might have to break out the boxes labelled "The Classics, Favorite authors" box 1, 2 & 3 respectively. And yes, I do know what authors are in each's alphabetical, duh!

You're right, I'm a nerd like that when it comes to reading.


NML said...

That is very strange that they couldn't just keep it open!

nino said...

Well, you know what they say...reading 'IS' fundamental. Nerd! : )

Christine said...

I love reading. Books have been the one constant in my life. I feel your pain.

Kafo said...

stay away from that temptation
unless you have enough time to finish the book in the store
i've got my eyes on u

Ms. Blaize said...

Whew! That would annoy me too. Luckily, I have a bin of books that I haven't read yet. I did a mass purchase of them just to make sure that I didn't run out. Not as economical as the library but it helps during emergencies! :-)

Otherwise, that whole closed library thing would force me to go to Barnes and Noble and sit there for hours reading a book that I'd never intend to buy *hanging my head in shame*. On the other hand, they promote loiterng by having those big comfy chair and a Starbucks so in a sense, aren't they asking for it??

Vixen said...

@NML ~ Yeah for real! I'm still wound up about that!

@Nino ~ Total nerd. You'd be surprised how nerdy I can get!

@Chrisine ~ I'm constantly surprised whenever I encounter people that don't read. How can you not read?

@ Kafo ~ I'm trying, I'm trying but I might just break down....

@ Ms Blaize ~ yes, they do promote loitering. I guess they figure, if you get really into the book you'll buy it. Ha! That was how I read most of my books through my broke college years. B&N baby!