Saturday, April 01, 2006

Escaping for the Weekend

My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water. ~ Mark Twain

If you call my cell and get my voicemail and I don't call you back, or if you happen to be looking for me, and can't find me this is a quick heads-up--I'm lost somewhere in my books.

On Friday I swung by B&N to get 2 new paperbacks by my favorite authors that just came out. While I was there, I saw that Jeffrey Archer had written a great new book, and I purchased it sight unseen. Kafo/Poetic Justice, I'm readin' the Archer book waaaay before you two, hahahaha!

Anyway, if I'm missing for the next 2 days I'm probably reading. Either lost in the worlds of the Carpathian Mountains, escaping to the wilds of the Arthurian days or seeking the clues to some grandiose murder. Don't send out a search party yet.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Mad Munkey said...

I love a woman that reads. Enjoy the escape.

serendipity said...

the only books that i enjoyed were the short stories and Kane and Abel. The political stuff he writes in other books just doesn't get to me.

but gosh, how immersed you can be in his books!!

Vixen said...

Mad does that mean you love me? The escape was fantastic!

Skybellz, not all of them have to do with politics, but I get what you mean. I've been an Archer fan since childhood...I finished the other 2 but this one is still waiting for me.