Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pros and Cons

Well, here's my penchant for making lists once again. I was talking to my really good friend about my new decision. We have been analysing the pros and cons, and I have to say, the pros are definitely more than the cons.

  1. I'm going to miss my friends: Ok, but I will still keep in contact and I'll see them when I get back.
  2. It's so far away: Long trip, clear on the other side of the world. It's a 14-hour flight, 8 over the Atlantic, and 6 hours from Europe to Nigeria. Plus there is that long 4-6hour layover in Europe. However, my mom will be with me, plus I'll have my iPod/laptop and some books. I'll be ok.
  3. Feelings of failure: Well....I'm sure that I will be assailed with them when I finally get over the joys of being back home. However, I'll deal with them, as I have this past year.
  4. I have to pack: And you guys know how much I hate to pack!
  5. Plus, I must decongest my life. I'm only going with 2 suitcases, so everything else must be gotten rid of or packed for when I get back.
  6. If I fall sick.....: I'm not even going to go there. I'm going to take my meds, take all the anti-malaria stuff and just stay healthy. I'm not going to fall sick, and if I do, I'm going to be ok. I've been sick there before, and I'm still living. Main treatment for a sickle cell exacerbation is the same wherever you go....Rest, Pain meds, Hydration and if needed a blood transfusion. I'm not going to get any blood, I just got a whole bunch last week so I should be ok till I get back;)
  7. Restrictions: This is probably going to be the hardest part. I'm leaving my carefree, wild, I-can-do-whatever-I-want life for the restrictive, all eyes watching, pastor's daughter of a ultra conservative church role. There are a swarm of restrictions that I won't even go into, but I've recognized a majority of them and I'm prepared to put on the mask. I know that I can do it for a short period of time, hopefully, if it's longer than expected...then I will get accustomed to it.
  8. No Sex: I'm voluntarily going to take a vow of celibacy until I get back. I do plan to stock up on batteries and a new toy from Good Vibes if I absolutely must, so I don't think I will implode. The reasoning here...see #7, as well as the fact that I don't trust Naija boys as far as I can throw them.
  1. Rent Free/No Bills at all!: I can live in any of my parent's four houses rent free for as long as I want. My dad lives in Lagos, my mom works and commutes to a town that is an hour away. I can stay with either of them, or go to the family home in the village, or go visit sundry relatives and friends until I get sick of the touristy stuff. Yes, I'm going to shamelessly live off my parents for the duration.
  2. House help: Yeah, even I have to see this as a perk. Sure, I'll clean sometimes, but my parents have a maid as well as a driver. Perk? I think yes!
  3. Visit with my Family/relatives: I haven't seen my grandmother in ages, and even I know that she's not going to live forever. Plus, add my 1001 cousins, nieces and nephews, and I'm going to be visiting with people for a solid 3 months if not more. I will be in the warm embrace of mia familia. Plus, I've missed home, the weddings, the parties etc.
  4. FOOD!!! I will have as much Naija food as I want all the damn time! I'm already salivating over thoughts of getting some suya(spicy kabobs), Iya Gbadun's soup/rice, pounded yam with egusi soup, yam pottage, garri...and pretty much everything. My, just thinking of this makes me hungry for some good Naija food!
  5. New Visa: I'll be able to update my passport and get a new visa, so when I return, I can work and go to school, travel, live my life and do whatever. Now that is a HUGE perk!
  6. Church: As much as I like my church here in Cali, I've missed going to church in Nigeria. It's different, the moods, the attitudes, the traditions. I can listen to my dad's sermons again in the flesh and not just tapes.
  7. Work: I plan to work over there just to add a little international flavor to my resume. Plus maintain some of my nursing skills for when I get back! There's a US-style hospital in Lagos looking for US-trained nurses and doctors. Providence? Yes.
  8. The Advent: When I come back, it's going to be a whole new ballgame. My life is going to be able to attain my full potential as well as my plans. There will be absolutely no restrictions on anything I do or want to do. How cool is that?


Poetic Justice said...

Can I come? Maybe I will see you in December (Jojo and I are looking into it) all things working good!

So uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what about helping me plan my wedding in Nigeria. You forgot that as a pro and a con!

Dami said...

pro: you're gonna lose weight! even with all that food.... there's something about living in nigeria =)

uknaija said...

You home yet? Was laughing out loud at the pastor's daughter bit...

Vixen said...

Poetic, yeah you can come if you want.

Dami, you are right, I'm heading back to my lovely 120 lbs. Fabulous!

Uknaija, no not yet. Date of departure is July 25. I'm gearing up for it though!