Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Beloved Country

Ever since I've made the decision to go back home, I've been almost overwhelmed with the number of things I have to get straightened out before I leave. I'm excited, and exhilirated at the same time, and yet still very, very scared.

A few days ago I logged into my account at 43 Places. It's a website predominantly for people who travel. You post where you want to go, where you have been and where in the world you would like to be again. I clicked on the page for Nigeria, and it was very little positive stuff on the page. This sent me into a fit and I wrote a long rant about how beautiful and cool Nigeria is. Then I spent the next 3 hours uploading pictures to the website from Flickr and my personal collection, just to combat the negative images that most people had put up there.

Nigeria isn't any worse than any other country. It's infinitely more different than the US but not as rustic and uncivilized as the National Geographic makes Africa seem. We have cell phones, internet access, roads, highways, bridges and every other hallmark of 'civilazation'. The main shocker besides the hot, humid climate will be the teeming mass of people found in Lagos (New York equivalent).

The people are definitely friendlier than over here, and very, very hospitable. Sure there are the crooks and thieves like any other country, but for the most part, Nigerians are very hardworking, pleasant, industrious and friendly people.

If you have a chance to go visit Abuja (Washington DC), it's even more beautiful and organized than DC. If you swoop over to the southern tip and visit Port Harcourt, you will be stunned by the beauty of the vistas. It's rugged, it's green, it's home.

And there is nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all.


Lushy said...

I know that this was probably a difficult decision, but one that will be great for you in the end. I wish the best for you in your move and settling back in at home!

Poetic Justice said...

Okay since you will be back in a few months (six months gone at the most) let me start missing you now that way I woult be like "damn she's back already, what the fuck! didn't even get a chance to miss her ass, ugh!:

Lovin you always
smooches and can I get a vege suya shipped via DHL to me pls.

Dami said...

check out
fellow naija girl that left boston for nigeria.

Vixen said...

Thanks you guys!

Olawunmi said...

i feel you, as much as i know that i will return home next year, there are days i wonder if i know what i'm doing.

there really is no place like home, and this is a truth that is reaffirmed everytime i get off the plane in lagos. home. it may not be perfect, but its stil the one place where all of me finds the most peace.