Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that Vixen Loves About Her Body
WARNING: This post is very, very narcissistic and self loving. Continue at your own risk. And don't bitch to me about how much I love myself.
  1. For starters, I would like to thank my wonderful mother for giving me the most beautiful genes that any daughter could wish for. I love my great genes:)
  2. They say that eyes are the windows to one's soul. Well mine are almond shaped, with thick lashes unabashedly covering mesmerizing cappacino obsidian eyes.
  3. Moving right along, my dad just had to add his contribution to the gene pool, by bequeathing me with nice long fingers and strong fingernails. Rumor has it that creative people tend to have long fingers:)
  4. Big, bouncy butt. Not overly huge, but big enough to make an impact in those sexy jeans. High, firm and sagging there.
  5. Long, long shapely legs. Yeah, I was actually bored one day and measured them. 44 inches from hip to toe on each leg.
  6. My hair...even though sometimes it tend to get in my way and not follow directions, it's thick, black and grows without too much hassle. I can even get away with not wrapping it most nights and it still looks decent. To the other hair on the rest of my body, thanks for not growing in difficult to groom places and for being just a really fine spattering that I get compliments on how smooth my legs are (even when I don't shave).
  7. The twins. Thanks for remaining firm, perky and supple..and not falling down my chest (yet).
  8. My nose...the center of my face. I used to have a nervous tic when I was younger that somehow produced a fine scar across my nose. But even so, I still look quite dashing.
  9. My smile, known for it's effusiveness. It's one of those smiles that makes you smile right back (or so I've been told.) Nice, straight teeth with no need for braces or the like. Like I said, good genes.
  10. My toes. They are sooo pretty. Especially when all glammed up with nail polish.
  11. My neck, it does all the hard work of holding up my head swollen with pride all day long, so I do have to thank it for managing to look slender despite all that stress:)
  12. My skin...chocolatey brown, it glows and shines all the time. I don't have to use any beauty products and still it looks like a million bucks.
  13. My back. Those backless shirts that I've invested in really pay off. It's smooth, no scary hairs in stray places and beautiful.
Ok, I realise now that I can go on forever, but I'll quit while you are still reading. Yes, I'm in love with myself, and you should be too.

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Christine said...

Wow, I wish I were a lesbian.

NML said...

Hehehe. Great post! I cannot believe how long your legs are! Fabulous!