Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Caught a Cold

We now feel we can cure the patient without his fully understanding what made him sick. We are no longer so interested in peeling the onion as in changing it. ~ Franz Alexander

Ok, today I woke up with a sore throat, headache and stuffy head. What made me sick you ask? Well, let's take a guess here....

  1. Too much partying
  2. Too many late, late nights in a row
  3. Not enough sleep
  4. Too many first dates jammed into one already filled weekend
  5. Making out with this hot Italian

Hmm, could it just be a combo of the first four perhaps?

Speaking of which, while on number 5, I had made a comment that brought insane musings in my head. My comment, "I'm like an onion, so layered but not complicated. To learn more about me you have to unwrap the layers one by one." How can one be layered but not complicated? It's a conundrum even in my own mind.

Anyway today I'm taking it easy, getting lots of rest, Vit. C and fluids. Yes, I will be fine, no, it's not going to lead to anything more serious, and thanks for your concern.

PS: If anyone wants to send over some pepper soup, it would be greatly appreciated.


Justice said...

Rest up...it sounds like you need it.

NML said...

Get better soon. {hug}