Tuesday, May 10, 2005


If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil. - Henry Fielding

Last night was my farewell dinner. Ok, I know that I've been going out like almost every night (got alot of people to say farewell to). Last night was the official final party. If you weren't there, you were square.

As the rule, we were atrociously late...ok 30 minutes. But being that African time and normal time is hard to combine, I think we made good time. Tamira and Dora were already there, awaiting me. We started taking pix and talking and just having a great time.

It was a bona fide ladies night, and my homegirls were dressed up in heels and all glammed up. The food was great, PF Changs had the perfect ambience and conversation flowed freely. It was the perfect evening.

Until it got time to pay the bill and we realized that amid all our gaiety and excitement, one of us had been robbed! Yep, the people in the table next to us had walked off with Tamira's purse without any of us being any wiser.

We freaked. Now to all the ladies reading this, you know how important your purse is to your daily existence. You generally have EVERYTHING in there, from personal information to momentos and finances. If you lose your purse, it's like missing a limb, or even an essential body part.

The cops came and we filed a report...I even had a picture of the really creepy guy that was standing next to Tamira's chair when I snapped the pic. Said perp looked mighty scary and you can totally believe that he was the thief. The manager said that they had paid in cash so there was no where to trace their whereabouts.

By the time Tamira and I got to her friends' place so we could get online and start making calls to the various credit cards and stuff, the perps had already used her card at a grocery store and THEY NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR ID. Everytime I try to use my card, I get asked for ID, so why is it that when these thieves use it at Food Lion, they just walk away with $300 worth of groceries?

Good news: We cancelled all the credit cards and her money was refunded by BOA (big Ups!)
Bad news: The purse snatchers are still out there, and they have her very beautiful digital camera, the Elf as well as her home addy and house/car keys so she had to get those all changed.

Ladies, guard your purses, even placed behind your chair, it is no longer safe.

Thieves, payback is a B*tch. And your day will come.

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