Monday, September 20, 2010

Dream car

I need a vacation. So I'm online browsing for things to do to get away from the routine. I'm not a big fan of hotel rooms and so that is how I stumble across this website.  Outer Banks Corolla I have to admit that Nicholas Sparks spoilt me and so I have this yearning for the Carolina shoreline. There is something about Carolina Designs and the beach with waves, partially isolated and not crowded with tucked in chicks in bikinis that just smells like a good time. So as I was saying i was online, saw this site and realized that if i went with my sisters and their respective spouses that don't yet exist we could split a house for 800 bucks for a week that is around 200 bucks per family for lodging. I think that is a steal for the view.

So check it out.

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