Friday, February 19, 2010


i don't know, why are u asking mi what are blackheads, what are whiteheads what is the beginning and the end of it all how do people come up with these works can one person point me out 1 instance where they use the word black and it is not in a negative connotation for real think about it , black widow spider that can kill you, blackmail that will rob you of your money, blackout, and the list goes on . add yours

i am whoseying now

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JoaR said...

Black man - needs to explanation lol
Black market - place to engage in illicit trade
Black list - list deserving suspicion

But not everything that starts with "black" is necessarily evil....even though i can only come up with 2
1. Blackberry (even though i dont understand the craze lol)
2. Black frieday (the biggest shopping day in the U.S)