Monday, November 26, 2007

I love food. I lost weight.

I lost weight. I don't know how it happened but last year i was inching towards 170 and now i'm playing spades with 140.

I seriously don't know how it happened. You see, I love food, not overeating or constantly dinning out no, i just love food. when i am hungry i eat, so the whole dieting thing was out of the game and then the whole preventing the hormones that make you have an appetite like the hoodia patch or pills just seemed like a date made with the devil where i get size 6 jeans now but stomach cancer later.

So yeah
I did not diet.

I ate
and i lost weight.

You are all so freaking curious right now that i will stop.



KM said...

Lol, Kafo... as long as you feel good about yourself, ignore the scales.

Some of the weight loss could be down to the stress of the move, but I'm also betting you're at relatively high altitude right now and that's gonna keep you on the slim side. That's how it is for me when I go home anyway. At high altitude your body has to work harder to get stuff done, but usually we're so busy living we don't even notice. :) A possibility?

(And surely by now you know I love food too!)

Marjie said...

congratulations sweetie. it's a luxury to lose weight for a woman and not know why. it means that you're not killing yourself to be slim. that's always a good thing =)