Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gifts thinking

Christmas is here, which basically means people spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out what to get the people that they don't really care about but who they have to buy something for regardless. I am not one of those people. Thank God. Apart from the sisters, my man and my kids all three of them I have my hands for. That is 7 gifts, normally the sisters always get the same thing or variations of the same thing and I always have it figured out by Thanksgiving, come to think of it I always give them their presents when I see them for Thanksgiving. This year, the kids are all getting Veggietales we have fallen behind so I figured I could get them a DVD or Veggie memoriabilia and all will be well.

Now this is the first year that i have had a boyfriend and i'm not sure what to get him, a Swiss Army knife is a bit to manly and not mushy enough and a harddrive is too practical.

So yeah, I'm taking suggestions.

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