Thursday, October 18, 2007

In heaven

It all started when I was thirteen, we were getting on a bus to go to Youth Camp and I had this tummy ache that caused ..
No it all started when my father's sperm carried the Y chromosome to the beautiful egg that was chilling in my mom's uterus, and then eight months, twenty seven days and two hours...
sorry I have to go way back it all all started when Eve decided to eat the FREAKING FRUIT that isn't an apple.
I really do need to believe that before the fall of man Eve did not have to go thru that whole monthly cyle garbage. I really do need to believe that becuase there really needs to be PMS relief in Heaven. Seriously.

So yeah, i know we normally don't talk about this outside of lil female gatherings but i have to ask. Do you think women have menstrual cycles in heaven?

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