Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inside and Out

It is hard to eat right. It is hard to drink only good stuff. It is hard to exercise everyday. It is hard to do the whole healthy clean living thing. But I have a new point of view that just might scare you straight. It is not 100 percent full proof but it has helped me on numerous occasions (esp. when the couch is screaming my name and the gym is but a whisper). I have this grand-aunt of sorts that most people would consider eccentric but she really is a wonderful and caring person once you get to meet her. Yes, she believes that her way is the best and only way to go but she enforces it not because she wants to be right but because she believes that it will make your life easier. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. So here is the story, one day she walks into our house and tells my mom that she needs a colon cleanse. She sites numerous "doctors" and I can't remember if my mom got it or not the point is that the whole process might be painful but it does in fact clean you inside and out. I want to avoid this and so the image of the whole process has left an imprint on my subconcious that I carry a JUG of water with me everywhere I go.

1 comment:

Daydah said...

Scary...really scary...
I think I just might do the same.
What wont these people invent now?