Monday, August 20, 2007


Subdue your passion or it will subdue you. ~Horace

Mercy! That's what my sister Kafo says at the weirdest moments. Whenever she says that it reminds me of my grandma. My family is full of peccadilloes and such, I know most families are but mine takes the cake. My baby sis can talk you to your next life, and knows the deep ish on everyone both here, abroad and celebs. She makes paparazzi stalkers look like preschoolers, lol. My uncle has this thing for RC helicopters. It's his hobby and he collects them to the next level. I tried to vibe on that with understanding finding your passion...I guess mine would be books. I'm rambling. I should go to bed. Cheers!


Kafo said...

it is weird
it seems that every time i read your post you are writing about mii

i think i have teleblogpathic powers

Anonymous said...

lol... this is cute...

ok so tell me how i went to my gurls house last weekend.. picked up the february copy of essence... and YOU had given some advice.. i was sooo proud i'm like ohhhhhhh my gosh.. one of my blog sisters... is doing it BIG... i'm PROUD of you mami...