Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Discount furniture stores are the shiznit! Last week, I found towards the back of Annie's Store the most gorgeous jacquard comforter set that I've ever laid eyes on. It's so exquisitely soft, multi layered and dimensional and satiates both my regal side as well as my wild side. It's for the mature, adult me. I'm done with the girly pinks...and let me tell you, Norio is glad about that.

He just got back today, still jetlagged but he's looking utterly scrumptious. It's so lovely having him home again, in the flesh, living, talking and just being able to touch him. Sigh.

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RandomlySane said...

Dude - has it been that long???!!! lol...time really does fly..I feel you on the goodbye to girly pink comforters...!