Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good Deed

To be doing good deeds is a man's most glorious task. ~ Sophocles

Today I got a very pleasant surprise in the mail. I had helped a group of ladies out with a competition that they were having on their site. My contribution was to write a group of short stories for them. It didn't take that much time on my part, and you all know that writing is something I enjoy to do.

Imagine my surprise when today via the good ol' USPS I got a lovely thank you card signed by all of them with a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for $25.00---woohoo! The level of excitement I have right now, you would think that they mailed me a deed to a luxury home or something. It was so thoughtful and for my book loving self the perfect gift. It really did make my day, my head is swimming with all the possibilities that I can get to read.

Thank you darlings!


RandomlySane said...

You deserve it chica! By the way, I'm packing and I found a pic of us at the '01 OC banquet in one of those frames you gave us a looooong time ago :O)

RandomlySane said...

LOL - dude, I thought you knew!!! At least that's what the other half of Nsquared told me...(shaking head) - I guess she was wrong :O)

I started reading your blog through Baggage Reclaim -"Pocahontas" told about it and I've been a fan ever since! I was reading your stuff for at least 6 months or more before I even considered a blog of my own.

I'm gonna email you...lol...